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Daniel has been comprehensibly educated for studies of Energy and Economics in both scientific and non-scientific way. She has been particularly involved in the Economics of Renewable Energy for sustainable and equitable energy supply, focusing on bio-fuels, during her postgraduate studies.
She is a proactive, adaptable, working independently, and equally an effective team player. Not only that, having worked under various conditions, she has found in herself resilience to pressure, where a challenging environment is one she continues to strive for.
Her outlook is one of adventures through a tenacious and questioning approach, where she is always eager to work in the areas of Energy studies to the highest professional standards that ultimately deliver multiple yields on all fronts. Dan recently completed her MSC Environmental Technology Specialised in Environmental Economics and Policy.

Over 10 years’ experience in real estate business and have been involved in urban conservation projects that gives me the understanding of urban health. His background in health, urban management, marketing, research experience, and psychology propelled him to provide excellent service to client. Proven ability in working in a diverse population has been strength for growth. Have exceptional skills for making positive contributions and effectively motivating management to implement concepts in a collaborative spirit.

Isaac is currently a Operation Manager for Ohakk 2 Consults. He started as assistance to the Country Director and rose to as an administrator and after completing his part two in ACCA he was promoted as a Manager of Finance. Mr. Admatey worked with a couple of companies including Fateco Engineering Company, Classfam Pharmaceutical and Syringe Africa Ltd as a role of sale and marketing officer. He is a proactive, adaptable, working independently, and equally an effective team player. Not only that, having worked under various conditions, he has found in himself resilience to pressure, where a challenging environment is one he continues to strive for.

Frederick is an energetic and hardworking individual who is interested in effecting change wherever he finds herself. He is interested in taking on new challenges in his everyday life. He currently works as the SD Manager for Ohakk 2 Consults. He holds a Master Degree in Environmental Science from the famous Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana. Frederick's expertise cuts across Environment and Natural Resources Management (Silviculture and Forest Management) and he has over the years gathered experience from his association with competent and recognised institutions in Ghana.Above all, Frederick is a known team player and he brings it to the fore during the day to day interactions with both subordinates and superiors alike.

I am ecologist, concentrating mostly on the interface between the academic and the practical management of tropical biodiversity, particularly in forest and mostly in Africa Since the graduation, I have been part time on research projects in the Dept. Plant Sciences, part-time freelance and finally work full time with Ohakk 2 Consults. My work has included: national and local botanic surveys, biodiversity databases, field guides, forest regeneration after logging and fire and guidance to forest managers. In short: researching and implementing ways of managing, conserving and assessing tropical plant biodiversity.

Lilian had his law education in United Kingdom. He also has MBA.
Lilian had worked extensively with the capital investment management unit of the Binjimeen and Rich 10 Empire before joining Ohakk 2 Consults. Lilian manages the Legal aspect of the firm and all Ohakk 2 Consults Clients.
She is the company secretary for a number of renowned companies and in that capacity she offers advice on matters of law and governance, ensures the efficient administration of the companies and particularly ensures that the companies comply with statutory and regulatory requirements

Ohene holds a MBA with nearly two decades experience working on Renewable Energy, food security, rural development economics and Data Management and Business Continuity and Biomass. He also has significant investment experience in Africa. Traveled extensively under UN funding to various bio energy Projects in the world including, Brazil, India, Tanzania, Mali, Sweden, Germany, Italy, USA and many more. He also is a frequent speaker on major conference related to sustainability, Bioenergy, Food security and water usage. Early December 2014-2015, he served as Chief Executive office for Options Microfinance with 64 workers with clients base of 30,000 and annual turnover of 5million Dollars.

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